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Benchmark Energy Solutions, Inc.

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The Plan/The Action/The Result  


1. Manage Energy Prices

 The Plan: Get lower prices and better services from the host utilities and  alternate suppliers.

 The Action: Benchmark negotiates lower commodity and delivery prices.  

 The Result:  Average annual savings of 15 - 20%  


2. Use People Resources Effectively

The Plan: Present accurate utility bills for the client to pay on time.

The Action: Benchmark sets up a summary billing system, audits, and consolidates the bills.   

The Result:  Accurate bills, reduced charges and late fees that are eliminated.

3. Manage Energy Related Costs

The Plan:  Make objective recommendations based on the analysis of useful information.

The Action: Benchmark develops a data base, analyzes the information and provides objective recommendations.

The Result:  Better Energy Management Decisions

4. Review Energy Conservation

The Plan:  Recommend opportunities that reduce energy use and monitor the work.

The Action: Benchmark coordinates a review of the client’s utility  infrastructure and identifies “cost effective” opportunities.

The Result: Energy conservation programs that meet the goals of the performance contract..