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Benchmark Energy Solutions, Inc.

1500 Cochran Road, Ste 1003

 Pittsburgh, PA 15243

(412) 571-0850

The Start

 When it comes to utility billing……

 Do employees spend time opening envelopes, sorting bills, and adding up the charges?

 Do you accept the utility company’s opinion of the rate class categories or your bills as accurate?

 If your employees do any of these things, they are wasting

 their time,  talent, and hard-earned tax dollars.

There is a “SMARTER”, faster, cheaper, and better way!


 Benchmark Energy Solutions delivers critical billing information in a concise, readable format.


 The advantages: better prices, less expensive rate classes and refunds from past billing  overcharges.

 Training key people to learn and understand utility tariffs is not the best use of their time .

 Benchmark’s PEP Program  provides timely and accurate billing information at a lower cost.